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the house that fire built
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March 2007
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Hermes Maiados Huios [userpic]
If you're a long way from home, can't sleep at night.

Ring-ring! Telephone. Calling the Sherman-Townshend residence! Anyone home?

Current Music: Evil - Howlin' Wolf

"Hmmm." If Henry knew what 'normal' is for Norman Osborn, he might ask about that. As it is, he's not sure what to say. It's a tough situation. Henry decides some hair-petting is in order, provided he can find where Hermes is hiding in the blankets.

"I...I'm sorry. It sounds like you both grew apart, but I don't know much about that. It also sounds like you both sort of 'used' each other, but he...he was done before you were...?" It's a good thing he has something to do with his hands. He's feeling rather fidgety. "Are you going to see other people?" It's not the best subject in the world, but it's something else to talk about.

It's possible that some of Hermes is peeking out through the blankets and pillows - just enough for hair-petting. "I think that's it. We're...when we first met, I tried to explain to him that I'm not a good person. I can be good, very good, but I'm never really a person."

"I don't know. I want kids. I'm at a point where I can support them properly and with the reality hiccough we just had, I know what they'd be like. I have pictures of kids I don't have and probably never will have -- not those exact children, anyway."

Henry nods. He's not entirely sure he understands it, but he thinks he might be able to. Hermes isn't a person, he's a god. Easy to say, harder to wrap your mind around.

"You...oh. When you said you were remembering things differently, when that weird time stuff happened- that was one of the differences? You had kids? I'm...I'm really sorry." Henry's never gotten along terribly well with kids, and he's never really felt like he needed to have any. But if he did... "I...god, I can't imagine losing them like that." Hair-petting won't exactly help that, but Henry continues anyway.

"I didn't really lose them, I never had them, and the me that did went back to his kids. He just left wallet-pictures and drawings on the fridge." A wry smile, "Like I said, I really can be a bastard."

How's that for a none too subtle hint that he should leave Norman and work on having a bastard or two?

"Yeah....that really wasn't too nice of him."

Henry sighs and leans more towards Hermes. "It's still a loss...I'm sorry. But yeah, you can still have kids, right? Uh...like you said. They won't be exactly the same, but they'll still be yours."

"Yeah, I can. I will. I'll get over all of this and quicker than I should." Snuggle? Hey, look at the movie, they're singing again.

"...thanks, Henry."

Henry smiles wide, looking pleased. "You're welcome...glad I helped some."

Yes, there's snuggling. Henry may go so far as to dig through the blankets to give Hermes a hug. The poor god could use one.

Hey, look at that movie. There seems to be quite a bit of singing in it, in fact. "I think I like this movie," Henry says quietly, still smiling a little.

Hermes is surprisingly huggable and might even squeak a little. Shh.

"It's really good. Carrie Fisher is completely mental." It's 106 miles to Chicago and Henry is on a couch with a god. Life is good.