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the house that fire built
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March 2007
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Henry Sherman-Townshend [userpic]
Happy Little Oddities

There were good and bad things about the change back- it suddenly seemed like everything was ten times 'more' than it was before. Henry was choosing to focus on the good parts. Things were right again, and he didn't feel like he'd been pushed into something he hadn't chosen or earned.

And Liz was home. That, more than anything, made him happy. He'd known he was lucky before, but just not how much.

He hadn't talked to Hermes in a few days, and...well, this is kind of big news. So he braves the Colorado winter (which is actually quite sunny and pleasant today, surprisingly enough), and grabs a good Merlot. There are also pizza rolls.

When he gets home, he stands in the kitchen and says, "Hermes Nea Polios, I invoke you...uh, come here and have some wine with me?" He doesn't invoke very often- he's always worried he'll catch the god when he's busy. But...well, if that's the case, he'll just tell him the good news and let him be on his way.

Current Mood: goodgood

Henry wonders vaguely how much Hermes collects nice, lost-looking fellows. "That's good...did you meet him in the Nexus? That's one thing I haven't seen a lot of there...and used to things being...uhm, normal, you mean? Or normal for you, I guess."

He comes out with two sub sandwiches. They're not quite Dagwood-style, but there are quite a few layers of meat and cheese. He sits down on the couch next to Hermes and asks, "How's that? I know it doesn't really go with wine, but it...uhm, sounded good."

It's a habit. Chaucer used to come over all the time.

"I did. He's okay, still terrified of the television, but I don't really blame him." Sandwiches! Sandwiches always go with wine. No, really. It's the god's honest truth.

"Looks wonderful. You know, we used to have wine with nearly everything. The water wasn't safe on it's own, so you'd mix. It's still a little odd to drink it neat."