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the house that fire built
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March 2007
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Hermes Maiados Huios [userpic]
If you're a long way from home, can't sleep at night.

Ring-ring! Telephone. Calling the Sherman-Townshend residence! Anyone home?

Current Music: Evil - Howlin' Wolf

"Yeah....that really wasn't too nice of him."

Henry sighs and leans more towards Hermes. "It's still a loss...I'm sorry. But yeah, you can still have kids, right? Uh...like you said. They won't be exactly the same, but they'll still be yours."

"Yeah, I can. I will. I'll get over all of this and quicker than I should." Snuggle? Hey, look at the movie, they're singing again.

"...thanks, Henry."

Henry smiles wide, looking pleased. "You're welcome...glad I helped some."

Yes, there's snuggling. Henry may go so far as to dig through the blankets to give Hermes a hug. The poor god could use one.

Hey, look at that movie. There seems to be quite a bit of singing in it, in fact. "I think I like this movie," Henry says quietly, still smiling a little.

Hermes is surprisingly huggable and might even squeak a little. Shh.

"It's really good. Carrie Fisher is completely mental." It's 106 miles to Chicago and Henry is on a couch with a god. Life is good.